How I become a CERTIFIED Open Water Diver!

Diving is the sport or activity of swimming or exploring underwater. It also entails the activity of diving into the water from a springboard. It is one of the sports that are recognized by the Olympic Games. Before diving, one is required to be certified to be able to engage in such activity or sporting event. To acquire a certificate one must undergo a comprehensive training program so that the certificate is awarded on completion of the training.

So recently, I took a certification on open water diving course to get myself certified for scuba diving!

Certification, therefore, is a process, and for one to be a certified diver, some qualifications must have been met.

Firstly, you should undergo training. Diving training is done by trained instructors who are certified to conduct courses for diving. These instructors are bestowed with the authority to offer instructions for diving training organizations. They are proven experts in the field.

On completion of the diving course, one is now awarded a divers certificate to prove that indeed they have attended a scuba diving school and completed their training successfully. With this certificate, one is now ready to venture fully into exploring under waters worldwide.

Diver training entails three key study modes. These are tutorial study, restrained water training and finally unrestrained water training. Unrestrained water training includes training in oceans and lakes just to name but a few. It is important however to note that training varies with the part of the world in which it is undertaken but eventually the purpose is the same: to produce adequately trained individuals who are ready to venture successfully and safely into diving.

Among the factors that dictate who should be certified to dive is age. Young children below the age of 12 years are not allowed to dive or even undertake diving courses. Those of 12 years and above are ready to start.

Fourthly, good health is essential for diving. Any aspiring diver must be of good physical health. This is because diving requires full participation of the physical body of a human being. One must also be in perfect mental health to be able to make sober crucial decisions that are part and parcel of diving.

That is not all. One must be able to comfortably cope with being in a different environment that is water. One must be able to snorkel properly and continuously. Also, one must be able to float on water. Experts recommend that one should be able to float comfortably on the water for not less than ten minutes. As one gradually passes these assessments so does he get closer to certification!

We cannot forget that this process does not just stop at certification. Certified individuals are advised to practice always. One should perfect the art of breathing through the scuba gear. Ability to propel yourself around using the fins should be developed to undisputed heights. Ability to float for long should gradually improve. One should have adequate planning, for example, what to do if certain problems arose. Generally the art of diving is not to be simply learned, it is to be learned and perfected.

Among the final steps to certification is open water diving. This is perhaps the final exam in scuba diving training. It involves diving in large open water bodies such as oceans and lakes. This is to prove not just to the instructor but to the whole world too that you are able to successfully and safely dive in open waters. This exercise may involve diving to a depth of 60-90 meters. Successfully completing this test shows beyond any reasonable doubt that you indeed deserve the certificate.

The final step in a certification is the award of the physical certificate itself. The certified diver is supposed to possess a Open Water Diver Certificate awarded on successful completion of the training program. This gives them permission to engage in recreational water diving activities in all corners of the world in all water conditions. With this certificate, one can participate in these diving activities without any supervision by any instructor. Here is the school that I went too during my holiday, they are by far the best open water course singapore. It was an awesome experience and they were very nice and patient with me.

This clearly shows that as much as it is possible to dive without any past experience it important to be certified as it gives you authority to participate in diving activities in all corners of the word. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure it is best if all aspiring divers got certified before taking the risk of attempting diving especially in open waters. Here is also a review of their various course detail open water course singapore fishermen scuba studio

Thanks to them I am now a


My first day at the office!

So recently, I started a part-time job at a new office in Singapore, was tasked to help setup the office properly. It was tough for and wanted to share some tips and tricks to setup your office properly and to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I do. You do not want an office with this kind of mess and having a clean and organize office would make a lot of difference and make you feel more happy about your workplace. So I was tasked to be the one to do all the arrangement and planning and layout of the office.

messy office

Setting up your office for work seems to be a difficult task. It is important to set up our office with the right equipment and furniture so to improve worker’s productivity and welfare. In this article, we share with you how to choose your office furniture in Singapore if you want to set up your office.

Right Office Table

First, determine how much space you have, and what this office is for. If it is for the manager, then he might need a private office. If it is for a couple of workers working together side by side, then you need a bigger space. The right office table will serve a specific function in your business. Getting the right table will ensure you that group discussions, group work, or anything that aids in collaboration and team work will benefit the company in the long run.

Right Chair

Gone are the days where workers just need a chair to sit. Now, we need to look after our workers more, especially on the health hazard side. Nowadays, workers can sit as long as 10 hours in front of the computer desk, and may not even stand up for a few hours. Hence, getting a good and ergonomic chair is important for their physical well being.

If we want our workers to be healthy working for us in the office, we have to take care of them by giving them the right chair to sit in for a healthy posture.

Proper Setup

Setting up an office is not just buying furniture, a few cupboard, table, and chairs, and just put them in the room. It is important to arrange them properly, just like how you will want to design your home. You want to maximize the space in your office so that you have space for everything – for working, walking, resting, moving, keeping and many other work related functions.

Hence, a proper design setup of the whole layout of the office is important. This will ensure you always have space and feel happy when you walk in to your office.

As we have mentioned, getting the right furniture for your office is important. Check out Office Furniture Singapore Facebook page for updates on discounts on office furniture for your new office!

Hope this was beneficial for you!

How Zumba Changed My Life

It was hard for me to believe that with dancing a person can easily lose weight and stay healthy. I always thought that only hitting the gym everyday would help me do that. Nevertheless, most of my friends were always encouraging me to join their Zumba classes. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after seeing the outcome of the dance on my friends, it was time for me to join Zumba dance classes. It is not just about losing weight, Zumba has many other benefits. Read on to learn how Zumba changed my life.

Zumba Classes Singapore

Losing that extra weight was my first priority. You do not need the gym to get that perfect shape that you want. The gyms needs a person to work out a lot thus straining the body and even get injuries in the process. With Zumba dance, all you have to do is follow the lead of the trainer. They are simple steps of dancing so do not be worried if you are awful at dancing. Zumba dancing helps the body to burn over 900 calories in just one dance. This is quite a lot as compared to other methods of losing weights such as supplements.

I always loved my body to be flexible. At first, there are certain Zumba moves that I could not do because of flexibility. Muscle toning is important if you want to get flexible. The Zumba dance helps in toning all the muscles in the body. The rhythm of the music and the moves help every muscle in the body to exercise. By the time you complete one session of Zumba dance, your whole body will have felt the effect of exercising. Thanks to Zumba, I can now dance different Latina moves that people would love to try. Zumba dance is all about practice and having a certain goal in mind that you need to achieve.

Zumba classes at, bring together people from different places with a common goal of exercising. I am a shy person so it is not always easy to make new friends. This was different at the Zumba classes. I quickly made friends since they are people who have the same objectives in life just like me. It was so easy to interact with my fellow colleagues whom we exercise together. They had many funny stories of how they ended up getting into a Zumba class. It is always refreshing when we welcome a new member to our Zumba class. There is also zumba for beginners too!

By discovering Zumba, it meant that I did not have to do all the boring exercises at the gym such as crunches. Personally, I love music and when it is something that helps you achieve certain goals in life, it then becomes fascinating. If you visit a Zumba class in session, the smiles on people’s face will actually say a lot. It shows that people love and enjoy exercising with Zumba dance. Even after 30 minutes of continuous dancing, there is always that energy in the atmosphere suggesting that people want to dance more.

zumba for beginners

Sources of stress in life are quite many. It can be work, rocky relationships, or just personal problems. I find Zumba classes help me relieve my stress through dancing. When you dance and interact with other people, the body will release all the accumulated stress in the body. Some say that they find Zumba dancing a better stress reliever than therapy. They do not have to pay a lot of money to talk to a therapist. Some case studies show that when a person dances, there is a mood-improving hormone called endorphin that is released. This hormone will make you start feeling happy thus lowering the stress levels.

There is need to have proper coordination of the muscles in the body. When you grow older, the coordination will be important to help you stay strong and independent. You do not have to wait until you are old that is when you start exercising. I do not want to depend on other people whenever I need something in the house during my old age. Zumba class is fun and helps you maintain body coordination; there is no reason not to join it.

I was wrong thinking that people of old age could not dance. This was until I joined the Zumba class. Many people of different ages enjoy dancing Zumba. Zumba classes will differ from one age group to another. You do not want to strain the kids with many hard moves. The Zumba dance for the kids is called Zumbatonic. It has special moves just for the kids. I have enrolled my kid in this class and she enjoys it so much. Even at home, you might find her dancing to other tunes using the Zumba moves. There is no age limit for joining a best zumba singapore, get into one now and start exercising.

I think that Zumba dance classes have helped me to build self-confidence that there are things in life I can do. When I started dancing Zumba, there are moves I could not do or even comprehend, but with practice, they can be done. Zumba helps a person to improve on their posture. For a person working with a tight schedule like me, it is important to exercise on my posture after sitting in the office the whole day. I can now easily workout and burn all the calories that have built up during the day.

The fact the Zumba dance classes help people to improve on their mood, it is the perfect recipe for anyone to let go their stresses. I try to recommend Zumba classes to my friends as possible so that they can get the same benefits that I am enjoying. It is time for you too to start those Zumba dance classes.

Fitness is the key to success

My thoughts on fitness

There are two kinds of people in this world, one who does hard work and another who are successful. The possibility of the people who belong to the earlier group will come to the later one is very less. Despite they have all the potential to become successful, in the mid of their way they get diverted or lose the battle.

Often people fail to recognize the reason behind the problem. But it isn’t that hard. The simple reason behind the failure is the balance of body and mind. Whatever we plan in life is futuristic and need to be implemented. However, while we calculate the achievement, we forget to include the declining capability with the age. With each passing day, we lose our strength whether physical or mental. However, that is not the end of the road. Here comes the key for the success, fitness. It is one of the most important parts of life which elevates one from the hard worker to a successful person. To achieve something in life, it is very important to understand the significance of it. It keeps you stronger and healthy.

Fitness as a whole is staying healthy and strong. People generally take many ways to sustain the capabilities of the body and the mind. Having a healthy and nutritious diet is fitness. Some love to hit the gym and some love jogging on the streets. Even though the methods are different but the goal is same for everything. Keeping the busy life in mind many, more ways are finding their paths for the fitness purpose. The most common example is Zumba, a form of fitness dance or Yoga, an ancient fitness exercise. These all are part of the fitness that keeps one strong enough to combat the challenges of life.

Success does not come in one day, neither does the fitness. One needs to be passionate about staying fit. However, it is for sure that whosoever starts the fitness programme in life will continue to do so. A person can understand the benefits of fitness, and once a person starts enjoying the full potential of human body and mind, there is no way of retreat. Health is the most important property of human being and fitness is the key to preserve it. There is a famous saying that once the health is lost, it cannot be gained. So, everybody should start staying fit before it becomes too late.

My First Pole Dancing Lesson!

Today I Poled Dance!

Hey readers, today was the first day I attended a pole dancing class with my girlfriends. What I want to say is that it is AMAZING and it is not EASY!

I found it very challenging, I realize that I am very weak in terms of strength and my core muscles. Now suffering from a huge muscle cramp all over my body. The session was very enjoyable, my initial impression was that it is just a pole how hard can it be, but after a few spins and working some moves, it is super tiring! The first part was just basic stretching, than we move on to mounting the pole. My initial feeling was “I am a stripper whoopie”. So the instructor showed some of us some basis moves like a simple loop with our legs, and it was so freaking hard to do! I had trouble even staying on the pole. After much practice I finally managed to reach the pole. Overall it was a tough session, but I highly recommend all my girlfriends to give it a try because it is an awesome experience. I signed up for a package deal, and would be doing more pole dancing in the future! Anyway check out this info graphics on the benefits on doing pole dancing to show you the perks of it!

benefits of pole dancing

My New Blog!

Hello Internet! My name is Vikki Cole, this is my new blog and woohoo it is my first post! Well I am going to keep it short,

I just got back from a tiring day of Zumba!

You should try it, it is a dance fitness workout that really is an awesome workout! On the side note,